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Branded hospitality products and packaging

We’ve had some great feedback from people that have tried our loveboxes. We’d love to hear what you think about your lovebox, email us your review at

To kick off here are some excerpts from happy customers; Caledonian Kitty was one of our competition winners and Zoe received a lovebox for best romantic photo.

Adding spice, naughtiness and romance...

"Adding spice, naughtiness and romance I opened my lovebox and couldn’t believe the amount of things inside. The arrangement of the products, the colours and quality was beautiful. In between each product the box was filled with scarlet red imitation rose petals which I could imagine being thrown all over your hotel room bed or in your own bedroom.

I’m starting to sound like 50 Shades of Grey here- A red silky pouch, a black lacy drawstring bag with 3 dice inside (2 red, 1 black and containing words such as Sensually, Nibble, your choice etc.). It was so much fun going through each product! All in all I think the Lovebox is brilliant and would highly recommend them to anyone. I think they are perfect for Valentine’s Day and anytime you fancy a treat that you and your partner can have fun and share. The Lovebox contains so many seductive delights for both men and women. I also like how discreet and glamorous they are."

Caledonian Kitty

The box is beautiful...

"I won the #SecretLovebox competition on Twitter/Facebook. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after browsing the website, I was excited. It arrived a day after I had sent my address (how’s that for service?) and when I took out the box from the parcel, the excitement grew.

The box is beautiful and as I opened it, I was greeted with rose petals and a gorgeous silk bag. The silk bag was FULL of goodies including (several) sex toys, massage oil, a feather tickler, a cheeky dice game, lubricants and so much more! I’ve tried out a few of the products already and they do not disappoint!

I put on the lip balm and instantly my lips started tingling. (Definitely a new experience, feels fab!) I can’t wait to play the game later, just the right amount of naughtiness. For everything you get, it’s unquestionably brilliant value for money. Would definitely purchase one in the future but I think this will keep me and my fiancé entertained for a while."

Lovebox Winner